Dudes & Chicks with Ticks

Lyme Disease, Social Support Group

Who Are We?


We are a local, Seattle based Social Group, who are just a bunch of people wanting to get together for fun activities in a relaxed environment.

Dudes & Chicks with Ticks gives people a chance to reach out and know they are not alone while dealing with this very isolating and complicated illness.

We started with 5 members in April, 2009, and as of September 2012 we are up to 138 members!  We aim for gatherings once a month, sometimes more, occasionally less if no one comes up with an event for a given month.  Someone different chooses the location, day and time of the event every month, everyone will have a chance to come up with something.  Each event will vary.

Those of you outside of the Seattle Area: I'd LOVE to hear from you and widen our range of gatherings, so please contact me with a suggestion in your neck of the woods.

Here are some ideas:

Happy Hour, Potlucks, Walks, Game night, Watch a movie, Share favorite music, Do arts & crafts, go on an outing, museum or gallery, etc.  The sky's the limit!

We try and keep these activities somewhat on the inexpensive side for the most part (with an occasional exception) since most of us struggle with the financial burden that Lyme brings our way.  Please also try and keep these fairly fragrance-free!  A lot of our gatherings will be at public places and overwhelming scents cannot be controlled at all times, so please do your part with helping to keep excessive fragrances to a minimum.

Please note The Calendar on this site for upcoming events within our group. E-mail Sarah Mercier, Group Moderator, at tick.chick78@gmail.com if you have any ideas for an upcoming gathering.

Something to keep in mind:

Sometimes we forget that there is life out there worth living, and that our focus is about enjoying life to the max while battling our illness.  In that spirit - laughter, connecting, understanding and friends are what make up our group and are all very important things to have on the road to healing.

We are a Social Group which emphasizes the positives, and we are here to help others through rough times.  We do not achieve this through pity and feeling sorry for ourselves and others, but rather through the things mentioned above.  No one knows what it feels like to be a Lymie other than a Lymie and to have fun with each other requires nothing more than our presence and interaction.  I know that when we're in the midst of the rough moments, life can seem hopeless and completely isolating, but there IS a light at the end of the tunnel for each of us. 

Don't lose hope!!!



We welcome everyone with Lyme Disease who are looking to connect with others in a fun, safe, non-judgemental atmosphere.